What is the number two question asked of me when showing my work at WAL First Fridays?

Some variation of…
“Oh my gawd… Your PLANTS! They are HUGE! How did they get like that?”

When I moved to WAL in October of 2016, I had NO plants. Somewhat of a minimalist, all of my possessions made one trip in the back of my parents’ 1983 Toyota pick-up. Then I met my neighbor, Janine, and everything changed. Janine had this massive philodendron that took my breath away. Her loft space was a magical place of flourishing vines and plant starters and many fully established plants of every kind. She offered me some clippings and I accepted. Like Jack and the magic beans, I had NO IDEA  what I had just gotten myself into!

To be honest, they are total scene stealers from my art. As you can tell from the photo above, it can be hard to see the “art for the trees” and this is why I put them to work guarding my back bedrooms and bathroom, and making them not the first thing people see when they walk in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How did you get them to grow so BIG?
Well…I must be an unconscious competent or a natural green thumb, or have great energy, or good light, or something… because all I do is water them every week, throw some little plant food stakes in a few times a year, and keep them in relatively small pots so they focus their growing on height vs. roots. That’s the whole story. I like big plants and cannot lie. 😀

 2. How did you get them IN here? How will you ever get them OUT?
I grew two of my large plants from cuttings, so I transplanted them up to their current pots right before I moved into my current unit with higher ceilings. In preparation for the move, I installed casters on the base of some giant spools I got from Hiline Electric across the the street from WAL. I rolled them onto the elevator, rolled them into the apartment, and then they doubled in size over the next 2 years! The huge fiddle leaf fig was left for me by the former tenants, and is still in the original pot. I learned to soak it thoroughly every week, let it dry out, then repeat. It has grown over 2 feet since I moved in. So, basically, most of the growth has happened since I moved in. Getting them IN, was not the issue…

How will I get them out? I may have to do some trimming or gift some other fool some clippings, but really— I plan to NOT move out! I want to stay here until they roll me out on a cart with casters. 😉 

In Community,