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Raven Tahara

What’s up with “White Raven?”

Okay… your name is Raven… and you’re white… (and my hair is getting whiter by the day!) but there must be something else to this, because you’re The Symbolist, right?

Did you know there is actually a species of ravens in the Pacific Northwest of distinctly white ravens? Some are even born to black ravens, and they are not albinos. They just have white feathers and beaks where their siblings have black feathers and beaks.

I chose “White Raven Gallery” as the name for putting my art out there for several reasons:

1. The name Tahara also means “pure” or “ritually pure” in some cultures. White is (at least for brides in Western cultures) associated with purity. So since my name roughly translates to “Raven Pure”, I decided White Raven would be a great selection for this endeavor.

2. White ravens in nature are actually quite vulnerable because of their bright coloration. They stand out and are easy targets as prey. When I started creating art that was an expression of my own vision, creativity, and ideas… it felt rather vulnerable to do so. For many years I have worked as a graphic designer and created thousands of brands for small businesses. I have also drawn over 300 SoulPrints. I am able to detach myself from feeling much rejection from these creations because I am just using my skills in service to the person or organization. If someone doesn’t like something, I simply get feedback and take another run at it.

But with ART, that’s all me. If people don’t like it or resonate with it, it’s a lot more personal. I am getting to an age where I am getting more comfortable with the idea that everybody doesn’t like everything and everybody. Not everyone is going to love my work; some may even hate it.

Regardless of whether people love the work, hate it, or are indifferent, I realize that the real point is to engage with my creativity and DO the art. I no longer want to wonder what I could have created but was afraid to try.

My art is evolving. I am evolving as an artist. I hope you’ll stick around and check in on me from time to time and see what I’m up to. I’m finding myself, even as you are. Welcome to another layer of discovery and mastery, and thanks for the visit!




Check out this interesting article
about these rare birds.


Located at the Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL) in Sacramento
1108 R Street, #317

Open Hours

Every First Friday of the Month
from 6 - 9 PM
and by Appointment


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